2011/ Long Island City, Queens

Ravenswood / CaLL was an initiative to establish a district of innovation in Long Island City that would support collaborative projects between artists, scientists, and other experts addressing issues of sustainability to create a city of sustenance.

Sunswick Creek / Reflecting Forward Building from the ideas put forth at the Noguchi Museum, this installation focused on the historic and now submerged Sunswick Creek. By tracing the path of the creek though the neighborhood, patrons learned about Ravenswood’s history and influence in New York City. From its origin, at Sixteen Oaks Grove Park, to its mouth in Socrates Sculpture Park, Sunswick Creek was a substantial life line for the community. Although covered over, the imprint of the stream has persisted to the present. Today its forgotten banks are the sites of small businesses – a testament to its legacy as an incubator for entrepreneurship. This project challenges citizens to imagine a future Ravenswood that is reflective of its natural resiliency and responsive to the land and its people.

To learn more about the ideas underpinning RAVENSWOOD/ CALL, download the project booklet.