Marfa Dialogues // St. Louis, MI

August 2, 2014

CALL co-organized a three-part WALK for Marfa Dialogues/St. Louis (MD/STL) which started at the controversial 30-acre former public housing site, Pruitt-Igoe, demolished 40 years ago. The site has since lain fallow in a poor neighborhood of St. Louis. From Pruitt-Igoe the WALK continued down blocks with many abandoned homes, adjacent to others undergoing new housing construction, past urban farms, and ended in Grand Center - a cultural hub in St. Louis that still struggles from the consequences of de-population.

Participants included: artist Bob Hansman, poet MK Stallings, plant biologist George Yatskievych, architect Tyler Meyr, environmentalist and public policy activist Lorin Crandall, architects Axi:Ome, and plant morphologist Dan Chitwood.