BROADWAY: 1000 Steps

Van Cortland Park/Marble Hill, Bronx 

Horace Mann High School dining commons

November 8, 2015

On Sunday November 8, CALL/City as Living Laboratory held a workshop at Horace Mann with forty local residents, artists and designers to discuss environmental challenges of the neighborhoods around Van Cortlandt Park and Marble Hill. Concerns discussed included flooding and combined sewer overflows (CSOs), air quality, traffic, food safety and access to fresh food. The workshop resulted in range of ideas and strategies such as using the arts and creative partnerships to advocate for daylighting Tibbett's Brook, creating movable gardens, enhancing and expanding community gardens.

Participants: Anastassia Amato-La Hoz, Theo Barbagianis, Orion Batista, Leenda Bonilla, Bob Braine, Juanli Carrion, Ian Christner, Elizabeth Cook Levy, D.O. De Prator, Gabriel de Guzman, Anthony Del Orbe, Debbi Dolan, Charlene Dubin, Anita Dutt, Robert Fanuzzi, Jacki Fischer, Glenn Fleischman, Tatyana Graham, Alicia Grullon, Sara Kempton, Ian Kirby, Cristina Lang, Alexander Levi, Ira Charles (IC) Levenberg, Fred Levy, Kristen MacFarlane, Mary Mattingly, Lucy Mercado, Felicity Nitz, Jonathan Nye, Amy Pryor, Raymond Pultinas, Ann Rausch, Leah Rollhaus, Amanda Schachter, Danny Steiner, Malaika  Swaminathan-Sipp, Christina Taylor, Matthew Turov