Jane's Walk 2014 // Ludogeography in Madison Sqaure Park and The FlatIron District, NY

LUDOGEOGRAPHY: (Latin) ludo, "I play"/ (Greek) γεωγραφία, geographia,"earth description"

Mary Miss/ City As Living Laboratory and renowned game designer Josh DeBonis teamed up to create an interactive experience for this year's Jane's Walk. With input from historian Miriam Berman, naturalist Gabriel Willow, architect Juliette Spertus and Flatiron BID representative Scott Lamkin, the collaborative team compiled three sets of "playful" instructions to prompt investigations of environmental and historical features of Madison Square Park and its surrounds. The game was inspired, in part, by the French Situationists dérive.

The event was a test - a first step in MM/CaLL's plan to develop a place-based interactive platform to draw players into an exploration along the entire length of Broadway, NY. Participants in the May 3 event were asked for their feedback; their suggestions will inform the next phase of the project's development.