WATERMARKS WALKS // Re-Greening the KK River

Re-Greening the KK RIVER

July 12, 2018
Pulaski Park Pavilion (16th St) – 13th St

Joanna Dema and Jessica Meuininck led the walk through the Pulaski Park Pavilion to 13th Street to observe the disastrous current state of the river and its wildlife. Joanna and Jessica explained the impact of the concrete riverbed on the wellness of the community and landscape. Introducing a Biodiversity Bingo Challenge on plant, animals & insect identification, participants were able to better understand what they were observing and how the proposal for the revitalization project and Riverwalk will benefit the surrounding community. Ending the walk at “Victory Garden”, participants were introduced to Chlaire LaFontaine, who explained her research in sustainable research in papercraft practices and the benefits of PMFs (PaperMaker’s Farms).