Saturday, October 24, 2pm

Walking in a circle from 228th Street back to 228th Street, artist Mary Mattingly and scientist Sabine Marx describe cycles of historic and future visions, building and preservation projects that highlight New York's resources. From farms to gardens, the rivers to the reservoir, spaces of production and consumption, how we simultaneously re-imagine spaces around the powers that be.

Ruminations on Extinct Topography
Artist Bob Braine will focus on stream resiliency and fish habitat. Braine has traveled extensively in Central and South America, Europe and the US generating photographs, drawings and site specific interventions based on the fractured utopia of compromised ecosystems. Braine explores a locale in depth –understanding, recording, commenting upon, and testing positive interventions relative to the interaction of people and their environment. His works are conceptual, witty, realistic, and restorative.

Sunday October 25, 1pm

Howard Chambers and Arline Bronzaft discuss noise and the psychogeography on the street.

Garnette Cadogan (author) and Jonathan Tarleton (writer, urbanist) discuss public space in the city

Fall 2015 WALKS will span two neighborhoods in New York City – 225th Street and Broadway and 86 Street and Broadway.  


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