Saturday, October 24, 2pm Mary Mattingly (artist) and Sabina Marx (scientist); 3:30pm Bob Braine (artist) and Rebecca Swadek (scientist)
Sunday October 25, 1pm  Howard Chambers (experience designer and urban strategist) and Arline Bronzaft (environmental psychologist); 2:30pm Garnette Cadogan (author) and Jonathan Tarleton (writer, activist, and urbanist) 

CALL/City as Living Lab organizes artist-scientist led WALKs in urban settings, with the goal of engaging communities, artists and scientists in conversations about important environmental and social issues.  Fall 2015 WALKS will span two neighborhoods in New York City – 225th Street and Broadway and 86 Street and Broadway.  All WALKS are free and open to the public.

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SUBWAY SERVICE INTERRUPTION!  Meet at the A Train Bus Shuttle from 207th Street at 1:30pm; or 228th Street and Broadway at the Marble Hill Houses Community Garden

Mary Mattingly (artist) and Sabina Marx (Social Psychologist)

Walking in a circle from 228th Street back to 228th Street, artist Mary Mattingly and scientist Sabine Marx will describe cycles of historic and future visions, building and preservation projects that highlight New York's resources. From farms to gardens, the rivers to the reservoir, spaces of production and consumption, how we simultaneously re-imagine spaces around the powers that be.




Robert Brain (artist), Rebecca Swadek (Plant Ecologist)George Jackman (Scientist)Meeting at 225th St and BroadwaySaturday Oct 24, 3:30pm

Ruminations on Extinct Topography
Artist Bob Braine will focus on stream resiliency and fish habitat. Braine has traveled extensively in Central and South America, Europe and the US generating photographs, drawings and site specific interventions based on the fractured utopia of compromised ecosystems. Braine explores a locale in depth –understanding, recording, commenting upon, and testing positive interventions relative to the interaction of people and their environment. His works are conceptual, witty, realistic, and restorative.



Howard Chambers (urban design strategist) and Arline Bronzaft (environmental psychologist)
Sunday, October 25, 1pm

Meeting at Meeting at 81st Street & Central Park West (In front of the Natural History Museum)
Howard Chambers and Arline Bronzaft will discuss noise and the psychogeography on the street.

Howard Chambers is an Urban Design Strategist based in New York City. Her project, Softwalks, won the Fast Company Innovation by Design Award in 2012. Currently, at Parsons, the New School for Design, where she received an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design, she teaches a course titled, “Visualizing Urban Change”: a studio-based design class on how to take research-led concepts through to final implementation. Micromoment, her current project in development, is an app-based, geo-sensorial platform that helps to weave mindfulness into routine interactions in public and semi-public space.

Arline Bronzaft is an Environmental Psychologist and expert on noise impacts on mental and physical health. Bronzaft served as advisor to the last five New York City mayors as Chair of the Noise Committee of GrowNYC.org; co-author of Why Noise Matters; Project Panelist on the National Academy of Sciences Transportation Research Board. She advises anti-noise groups in the United States and abroad.


Garnette Cadogan (author) and Jonathan Tarleton (writer, urbanist) 

Meeting at 86 Street and Central Park West
Sunday, October 25, 2:30pm

Garnette Cadogan writes on history, culture, and the arts, among other subjects. His work explores the dynamics of cultural change, particularly in urban settings. He is editor-at-large for Unstoppable Metropolis: A New York City Atlas (forthcoming) and is co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of the Harlem Renaissance (forthcoming). His current research interests are the promise and perils of metropolitan life, the relationship between commerce and creativity, and the phenomenology of walking. He has received fellowships for research from Yale University, the University of Chicago, and New York University, where he is a Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Public Knowledge. At the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, Cadogan will be writing a book on walking and working closely with the Thriving Cities Project.  Jonathan Tarleton is a writer, activist, and urbanist and Senior Editor at Urban Omnibus and the Architectural League of New York.

PARTNERS and SPONSORS: CALL receives support from the Agnes Gund Foundation, The Greenwich Collection, NEA, the Edward John Noble Foundation, the New York State Council for the Arts, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, and Theatrum Mundi. Please join these champions for art and sustainability. All CALL programs are free to the community. Your donation helps us offer more.