University of Virginia


Student Name: Peggy Brennan

School: University of Virginia

Studio: Architectural Design II

Professor(s): Karen Van Lengen, Erin Hannigan

Site: 168th St/Columbia Presbyterian

Project Name: Waste Heights Park

Project Description:

A public park that allows visitors to walk through a single-stream recycling process facility to view the sorting of our daily waste products and to witness the beginning of its transformative process into new and reusable products. The project also proposed empty neighborhood sites as places for small businesses to redevelop and design new products from this recycling center.

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 Karen Van Lengen


Other Contact

: Erin Hannegan



BROADWAY Sites: 168th St. and Madison Park

Link to UVA course description:UVA_ Course Overview

Notes & Responses: UVA will do the Broadway 1000 steps project with our 3rd year students (about 80)

Committed and Time Frame: this will be a short problem in the beginning of the semester- Mid Jan to Mid February