Student Name: Juan Jofre, Chris Miller, Kelly Shaw, Catherine Winfield

School: MIT

Studio: Object Geographies: Dis-assembly / Re-assembly Workshop in Art and Architecture

Professor(s): Joel Lamere, Azra Aksamija

Site: Canal Street

Project Name:  Untitled

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Joel Lamere-

Azra Aksamija-


 Canal Street

Information about Courses: Object Geographies: Dis-assembly / Re-assembly Workshop

Course Description:

The course explores the material manifestations of cultural globalization within an urban context, through the lens of small-scale artifacts and public infrastructure. More precisely, it examines how the production of space evolves from the friction between globalization’s two contradictory forces: homogenization and heterogenization.

Thematically, the premise of the course is to raise the students’ awareness of their own position within larger environmental systems and socio-spatial contexts, emphasizing that we all are socially and environmentally defined individuals whose actions and modes of consumption, regardless how large or small they are, have an impact on the world at large. These concerns are explored though a balanced interweaving of theoretical research and practice in art and architecture.

Methodologically, the course aims to investigate the boundaries and overlaps between art and architecture and architectural history/theory. The assumed paradigms that shape these disciplines have been criticized from perspectives of identity politics, visual studies, post-colonial criticism and other fields. Embracing the critique of cultural globalization within the fields of anthropology, geography and the visual studies, this course aims to challenge the existing canon of art and architecture, as well as the autonomy of their historical disciplines. The methodological aim of the course is to re-imagine the future of art and architecture by embracing the idea of disciplinary hybridity.