Local communities are at the core of CALL's work, which develops over time through an iterative process.

CALL facilitates dozens of public programs each year, in addition to more exclusive forums and events for members of our Fellows program. Here's a few ways you can get involved:


Attend a Public Program

From WALKS to engaging artist projects, there are many events to attend throughout the year. CALL holds events in all the cities our projects are based in; currently New York City and Milwaukee. You can find out about public events on our website, but the best way to get the most accurate and up-to-date information is to sign up for our events newsletter. 

Volunteer On A Project

In addition to attending events, you can get involved in other ways, from participating on a committee or working group in your local area to helping CALL put on an event or fund-raise for a project. 

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Help get out the vote for our entry in the Manhattan District 7 Particpatory Budgeting Campaign, April 7th-15th
  • Help build a mobile wetlands and run events in the Bronx between June-October
  • Put your organizational skills to good use at the CALL office in Tribeca for 3-4 hours a week on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday
  • Organize a small fundraiser for CALL


Join the Fellows

CALL builds networks between artists, scientists, and communities. The Fellows Program is a vibrant, interdisciplinary community committed to CALL's mission to make sustainability tangible through the arts. Member benefits include invitations to exclusive forums with scientists, artists, designers, civic leaders and activists on ways to help build a more sustainable future, as well as networking events and opportunities to help steer programming.