Our Mission

Increase awareness and action around environmental challenges through the arts.



CALL’s artist-led initiatives:

  • foster public understanding of the natural and man-made systems that support life in urban communities.
  • affirm artists’ unique capacity to inspire and engage citizens in environmentally sustainable practices and projects that directly improve their lives.
  • create interdisciplinary collaborations among artists, scientists, urban designers, community organizers, and local residents that advance innovative solutions and create the conditions for meaningful change.
  • build a network of environmental action practitioners to share knowledge and replicate successful programs in neighborhoods and cities across the country.

CALL // Framework

CALL’s mission is to create more livable cities of sustenance through the arts.  We have developed a FRAMEWORK for collective action to engage multi-disciplinary teams and urban residents in initiatives that raise environmental awareness and promote policy change and the sustainable development of communities. CALL’s strategies are based on the values of inclusion and equity and are grounded in place-based experience that makes sustainability personal, visceral, and tangible. 

Our FRAMEWORK emerges from Mary Miss’ lifetime of experience in transforming the public realm through a process of inquiry and exchange among other artists and designers, research scientists, municipal policy makers, local community groups, and academic partners. Programs and Projects activate the FRAMEWORK and seed sites with installations, performances, interactive activities and events.  While focused on the unique conditions of specific locales, the programs are designed to serve as models for other sites and cities over time.  To facilitate collaboration and sharing of knowledge, CALL is building a national network of practitioners, community leaders, academic partners, and government agencies.

CALL // Organization

CALL works to address environmental degradation and climate change in urban communities through two major arts-based initiatives:

  • sustained development of large-scale projects led by Mary Miss with other artists and scientists and experts in cities such as Stream/Lines in Indianapolis and WaterMarks in Milwaukee 
  • collaborative Programs and Projects led by other artist/scientist and community teams. 

CALL // Core Programs

CALL/WALKS: CALL identifies artists committed to addressing environmental issues and locates appropriate science or other expert partners to work with them.  These collaborative teams engage the public ‘on the street’ in WALKS that raise awareness of the unseen and threatened aspects of their environment.  CALL posts videos of the WALKS on its website to reveal the wide array of ideas that are emerging from these public conversations.

CALL/WORKSHOPS: Complementing the WALKS are WORKSHOPS, which are designed to facilitate more in-depth conversations between artists and community members. They explore local environmental challenges and create a springboard for arts & design-based projects to generate new ideas and strategies. The WORKSHOPS include 30-40 community representatives and approximately four  teams comprised of artists/designers & scientists/experts. All participants – community members, artists, designers, and scientists – are paid an honorarium of $100 each.

CALL/PROPOSALS & PROJECTS:  Following the WORKSHOPS CALL commissions PROPOSALS from participating artists/designers to prepare concepts for new PROJECTS.  The PROPOSALS lay out the concept scope, goals, science collaborators, intended community partners, site and logistical considerations, implementation timeline and budget.