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CALL is working in collaboration with WeACT for Environmental Justice, Manhattanville Residents' Association and designer Elliott Matlby to design a multi-functional structure in West Harlem's Manhattanville houses which will become a locus for community programming around climate justice issues, emergency preparedness and more.

A constellation of projects in the Van Cortlandt Park and Marble Hill neighborhoods in the Bronx, Daylighting Tibbetts Brook explores the possibilities presented by proposals to unearth Tibbetts Brook and restore Bronx's historical wetlands. 2018 projects are Finding Tibbetts by Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi and Estuary Tattoos by Bob Braine. 

WaterMarks is a city-scale, interactive installation to create an atlas of water for the city of Milwaukee. 

Building upon a series of WALKS and WORKSHOPS held between 2014-2017 in Chinatown, CALL is beginning to take forward project proposals to address the biggest concerns of local residents in collaborative ways. 

In 2012, Mary Miss Launched a framework for CALL's initiative in New York City. Titled Broadway: 1000 steps, this project envisioned transforming Broadway into New York City's green corridor. Broadway: 1000 Steps has become an organizing principal for all CALL's New York City Projects, with each initiative from Chinatown up to the Bronx traversing this historical boulevard in some way. 

Bower ArtPark is a collaboration between CALL and Lewiston, NY's ArtPark. blah blah blah.