City as living laboratory, Hartford

Joseloff Gallery, University of Hartford / April - 2011

City as Living Laboratory, Hartford focused on the Park River and watershed as it makes its way through the campus of the University of Hartford. Drawing from the contemporaneous Mary Miss project FLOW (Can You See The River?) in Indianapolis, the Park River project sought to inspire local residents and bring awareness to the watersheds that provide their drinking water and support their lives.

Over-sized, sculptural map pins were set in the land along the University of Hartford’s section of the Park River watershed at areas identified by local scientists and historians working with Mary Rickel Pelletier, Director of the Park River Watershed Revitalization Initiative. Visitors could use a printed map that identified the content of each marker as they followed directional signage from the river to the Joseloff Gallery. At the gallery, a large floor map of the University’s section of the river was similarly marked and numbered.