BROADWAY: 1000 Steps (B/CaLL) 

New York, New York

Mary Miss has proposed a City as Living Laboratory project, BROADWAY: 1000 Steps (B/CaLL), which is to be activated at up to 20 sites along the length of Broadway. The goal is to foster public understanding of the natural systems and infrastructure that support life in the city. Through exploration of the Broadway corridor, viewers will become aware that nature is everywhere and in action at all times, that the city is an urban ecosystem, that innumerable numbers of small decisions over time have shaped the environment we inhabit today and that our decisions today (behavioral choices) will impact the future of all of nature.To do this Mary Miss has developed an interactive Toolkit: sculptural and graphic installations (mirrors on green poles and pavement markings), smart phone applications, and live events will map critical issues along the length of Broadway. Site specific and human-scale, the proposed B/ CaLL interventions will literally and symbolically reflect the viewer and decode the immediate surroundings. B/CaLL will bring to light the voices of community leaders, local citizens, and expert scientists who are helping guide the CaLL team. Her mapping of the corridor will provide a foundation for future installations and projects by other artists and designers. BROADWAY: 1000 Steps will reveal our connections and dependence on both the resources supplied by the natural environment as well as the infrastructure that delivers those resources and services.

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