Mary Miss founded CALL//City as Living Laboratory in 2009 to address the challenges of our rapidly changing planet. Traditional science has failed to engage the public. People perceive climate change and other environmental risks as future events, happening to people in places far away, outside their own experience.  Art has the power to involve people through visceral and place-based experiences, direct personal connection, and emotional engagement to evoke reaction and inspire action.

CALL’s network of research, dialogues, and influence how people perceive, experience, encounter climate change and current environmental challenges and their effects on the world. CALL seeks to enrich people’s capacity to make meaning of these challenges and assist a broad audience in discovering agency, purpose, and effective ways of increasing the resilience of their own communities.

For more than four decades Mary Miss has reshaped the boundaries between sculpture, architecture, landscape design, and installation art. She has articulated a vision within the public sphere where communal and private experiences co-exist. Her work is grounded in sensory experience, where the viewer becomes aware of a site’s history, ecology, or other aspects of the environment that have gone unnoticed.